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Welcome to the Monterey Bay Chapter of NARPM®, formed in 1994, as an enthusiastic group who became a CFI at its first meeting and 12th chapter in NARPM® at its second meeting.

Many of the chapter members participate at the state and national level by attending the state conference and national conventions, serve on national committees, teach an approved property management course or by writing and submit articles to the Residential Resource.

Narpm Monterey Bay Chapter

Monterey Bay Chapter of NARPM®

In 1999 and 2007, the chapter hosted the annual California NARPM® State Conference, and we hosted the 2014 Cal NARPM® annual convention! 

Our future looks bright! We welcome the added dimension that new members and new affiliate members bring to the chapter and our association!

The National Association of Residential Property Managers recently exceeded 5000 members nationwide!

Our Mission 

The Mission of the Monterey Bay Chapter of NARPM® is to provide education and experience at a local level.

Our unique open way of sharing through discussion and sharing forms allows all members to achieve higher levels of success.

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